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TDL Aero at Merced Regional Airport
Cirrus Maintenance

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We are Cirrus structural repair specialists. There was a time when you could fix your aircraft's fuselage with a sheet metal patch and a few rivets. Today's composite-based aircraft require much more than that.
TDL Aero is the Cirrus maintenance arm of Gateway Air Center.
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See how we repair Skin / Core Damage (146 KB), Bird Strike Damage (425 KB), or Tail Impact Damage (350 KB).

Our Job

Cirrus Airplane With composite construction, Cirrus produces aerodynamically superior shapes. Thanks to minimal seams and a low-drag surface, their aircraft can reach higher cruise speeds than old-fashioned ones, with maximum fuel efficiency, even with fixed landing gear and one of the widest cabins in its class.

When a composite fuselage is damaged, you may not see it. Delamination and cracks within the structure can go unnoticed unless a qualified technician completes a thorough examination. At GAC, we use state-of-the-art equipment to examine every area. If there is delamination, we will find it.

During the whole inspection process, we stay in constant communication with Cirrus engineers. We send diagrams, photos, sketches and other information back and forth to coordinate the best and safest repair options. We will send you the same photos. We want you to be secure and informed.

Repairs to composite aircraft structures are a time-consuming and exacting art. A repair to any surface of your fuselage can affect flight performance as well as your safety. Our repairs exceed all Cirrus design specifications. We go to great lengths to maintain the aerodynamics of the aircraft while providing the strength and resilience to match performance specifications.

We design custom heat boxes to fit each area of damage. When we are finished with the composite repair process, your plane will fly as safe as ever.

After the structural repair, we prime, fill, sand and paint, for a smooth, glassy surface that lets the air to flow over your fuselage with as little drag as possible.

We complete all of the log entries and documentation requirements. After that, our own professional Cirrus-experienced pilots will test-fly your aircraft to make sure it performs to Cirrus specifications.

Your Cirrus will not come back to you until we are satisfied that you will be happy with the final result. Finally, if you are unable to come and get your aircraft, we will deliver it to you at your convenience.

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